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“Inner Circle is my own unofficial board of advisors. It's honest and real and nothing gets candy coated. It's doubtful you will have many challenges where you need advice, and the group will not be of benefit."

~ Managing Director, Investment Bank

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“Inner Circle provides practical advice to real-world problems from people who have tread the path before. It's something I can't get anywhere else, at any price!”

~ Editor and Publisher, Weekly Newspaper

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“At a time when most business owners feel alone, Inner Circle is there for them. There is great comfort in having a group of business friends available monthly and via email to rely on. ”

~ Principal, Outsourced Marketing Company

An Inner Circle group is 8-12 noncompeting business owners who meet once a month for 3 hours to work on their business and personal visions.

With the input of a business savvy facilitator and with the feedback of their peers, Inner Circle Members find they are able to make better decisions, make them faster and implement them with greater confidence.

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Inner Circle is a peer advisory group exclusively for CEO's and business owners of small to medium-sized companies. Each peer group serves as an advisory board/advisory council that acts as an interactive think tank, a place where entrepreneurs come to challenge one another and be challenged. By tapping into the wisdom and objectivity of the Circle's business advisory board, members find they are able to overcome obstacles faster and with greater confidence due to the business coaching and small business advice they receive from their own personal peer advisory board.